Oct 1, 2018

Subdomain Takeover via Shopify Vendor ( blog.exchangemarketplace.com ) with Steps


Subdomain Takeover via Shopify Vendor ( blog.exchangemarketplace.com )

Program : Shopify

Domain : exchangemarketplace.com
in Scope : yes it belong to shopify 

exchange.shopify.com = exchangemarketplace.com
Bounty : Not eligible for bounty!
I was using aquatone but it show me the subdomain and didn't show me that vulnerable to subdomain Takeover vulnerability !!
when I go directly to 
I found it asking me to connect the domain to my shopify Store !
Shopify team was fast response triaged and fixed the report in 15 min from triage 

Takeover steps 
1) create your free trial account of shopify store 
2) now you have a free account you just need to add your vulnerable subdomain from here 
and click on ( Connect existing domain )
3) Add your vulnerable subdomain and click on verify ( connect )
it will be like this poc
4) wait minute and now when you enter your shopify store url 
it will redirect to vulnerable subdomain
My disclosed report on Hackerone

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