AWS s3 Buckets Create

Amazon aws s3 buckets are Simple and Can be created by everyone

Steps to create a S3 bucket 

1) you must create an amazon aws account first ( Required Credit Card ) 
 your payment information so we can verify your identity. They will not charge you unless your usage exceeds the AWS Free Tier Limits.

3) create Bucket is simple here as you see in pic 

2) Enter you Bucket name 
I've choose HaronBucket 
Please remember this will be your bucket link 
exmaple as mine

Click Next Then Next if you don't need a special config or permissions

After clicking Create Bucket
Your Bucket will be Shown in Buckets Home

Now Upload your files is very easy 
1) go to your buckets home
2) choose your bucket which you want to upload files 
or you can go to this link ( add your bucket )

3) Click on get Start and Choose your files you want to upload :) then click upload

4 ) Your upload file will be shown in your bucket home files click on the file which you upload

5) click on Make Public and scroll down you will see your file link Public


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