Jun 11, 2019

Can I takeover XYZ ( Steps )


Can I takeover XYZ ( Steps ) ?

Based on can-i-take-over-xyz


Service : HeroKu 
Fingerprint: No Such app

There is two Types of Takeover in this Service 
1) HerokuDNS ( Edgecase
2) HeroKuapp

Steps to Takeover : 
Please note : This takeover Edgecase ( HeroKuDns ) cause dns of this webiste is an Ip address belong to Heroku
 HeroKuapp takeover is the same steps but the dns of the domain or subdomain is example : haronapplication.herokuapp.com so you only will create anew app called haronapplication


Service : Wufoo
FingerPrint : Profile Not found.
Subdomain cname will be like 
and full steps is here 


Service : Unbounce 
Fingerprint: The requested url was not found on this server.

Takeover Steps : 
Still possible for old clients
Steps here 


Service : HubSpot
Fingerprint : Domain Not found.
Takeover Steps :
Soon will be added.

info here 


Service : Shopify 
FingerPrint : Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable.

Takeover Steps :


Service : Campaign Monitor
FingerPrint : Trying to access your account?

Takeover Steps : 


Service : Fastly 
FingerPrint: Fastly error: unknown domain

Takeover Steps: 
Create your Fastly account for free and Do this steps in video



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